What is the most effective way to increase Finland’s export business? The answer is simple – to promote the export activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. Last year SMEs accounted for only 14 percent of the total value of export. The crucial question is how we can create favorable conditions for growth to enable Finnish companies to turn into new international success stories?

The strong internationalization of Finnish companies in recent years has been a positive development. It is, however, alarming that the growth in terms of the level of activity and number of export companies seems to have come to a halt.

Companies have high expectations of the Team Finland network. Team Finland helps companies find the necessary services and to take concrete steps towards internationalization. The aim is to bring together different public organizations to make it easy to understand and access the services.

Team Finland serves companies without them having to look for each service separately. The services have been planned to meet the needs of companies of different sizes operating in different industries and facing different stages of internationalization.

There is still a lot to do and therefore the feedback from the companies is particularly important. Team Finland is not a new organization chart. It is a shared mindset between the companies aiming for internationalization and public organizations that support them.

The Team Finland services have been especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. When the system was being planned, it was known that SMEs were looking for a more efficient and simple service system. Based on the companies’ wishes, the system has been streamlined, service production has been standardized and communication has been improved.

The Team Finland network wants to be a reliable partner for SMEs on their way to internationalization. It offers extensive and diverse knowledge of the target market. It offers the right contacts all over the world. Team Finland produces information about the possibilities and provides advisory services, networks, public relations and visibility. The Team Finland services also include financing at different stages of internationalization.

Team Finland is at your service!

Lenita Toivakka
Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade

Team Finland brings together organizations, both at home and abroad, that promote Finland’s external economic relations, the internationalization of Finnish enterprises, investments in Finland and the country brand. At the heart of the Team Finland network are the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture together with publicly funded bodies and Finnish offices abroad operating under the ministries’ guidance.