What is the main factor for a successful business? Many companies seem to be very cautious when news start to write about economical recession, although just then is the right time to make a distance to competitors and separate from the others. Competitiveness in the global market is possible to gain by increasing productivity. And to compete – you need to use more automation.

I am quite concerned at the low level of investments in industrial countries. Companies need to act more in national and international levels to secure financing of the companies and to raise competiveness of fabricators also here in Europe to keep the high level of quality and production in the metal industry. When encouraging private enterprises to invest, we have real prospects to leave recession times behind and raise the international trade.

At Pemamek we have worked hard to help our customers to compete in their field of businesses. Last year we finalized many great deliveries and the beginning of this year we have gained many new projects to industries with a great ambition to grow. PEMA has succeeded in this by creating good and reliable relationship with our customers and by offering most modern automated welding solutions. In April we have had demonstration days at our factory for pressure vessel and wind tower fabricators, and we demonstrated a modern node welding station as well.

There are already many positive signals at the market showing that investments rebound. I strongly believe (and know) that a lot of metal and welding fabricators are at the moment planning for new investments, since the markets are getting tougher and a demand for continuous updating of production and production capacity is increasing.

With investments you Make More.

Pekka Heikonen
Pemamek Oy

 The company Pemamek is a global leader in welding and production automation. Specialized in designing and manufacturing automated welding and production systems, as well as work-piece handling equipment, our competence has been recognized worldwide. Founded in 1970, Pemamek has delivered more than 15,000 different solutions to customers of steel fabrication industries in over 50 countries around the world.